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CYPHER for academia Intelligent Learning Platform

CYPHER for academia is a cloud-based intelligent learning platform (ILP). Powerful functions for individualization, simple content creation and an attractive user interface ensure high-quality learning experiences on all devices in all teaching formats.

CYPHER Neo Intelligent Learning Platform

CYPHER Neo is a cloud-based intelligent learning platform (ILP). Powerful features and attractive user interface ensure high-quality learning experiences on all devices in all forms of teaching.

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Happy Students is a certified reseller for CYPHER for academia and supports implementation and operation. With CYPHER for academia, universities and schools create high-quality digital learning paths for their pupils, students and teaching staff.

The SaaS learning environment CYPHER for academia is one of the most advanced on the market. The servers are located in the EU and are therefore subject to the strict GDPR regulations.

CYPHER for academia's extensive catalog of functions ensures that educational institutions are also equipped for future digital challenges.

The learning environment has been recognized several times a year since 2016 for its successful user experience, forward-looking product features, and robust software architecture.

Primary schools develop individual learning paths and support face-to-face teaching, always optimized for smartphones and tablets.

They offer students and parents a digital communication platform and radically simplify the processes around assessment and grading.

Universities are creating high-quality learning experiences online and embedding digital teaching methods.

CYPHER Neo makes it easy for students to acquire specific skills and reach their full potential through personalized and flexible digitized instruction. 

Secondary schools prepare their students optimally for the digitalized economy.

They complement curricula with hands-on skils development and offer micro learnings. Thanks to the successful interaction, content creation is easy for everyone

Academia with NEO LMS
Freekidz nit NEO LMS
Happy Students

Variety of test formats, including competencies.

Instructors comment and grade directly in the LMS, optionally in conjunction with syllabi.

Paper exams can be integrated via learners' smartphone cameras.

The e learning lms learning platforms have a variety of test formats, including competencies.
Promote acceptance among all users in e learning lms learning platforms.

Promote acceptance among all users. 

Make it easy for everyone: training and situational operating aids directly in the user-friendly system. That's how you get even non-digital-savvy users on board.




Quickly create or embed multimedia learning content

Quickly create great digital learning experiences with text, images, tables, and links. 

Modify templates or start them from scratch. You can record sound and image directly from your smartphone.

You can quickly create or integrate multimedia learning content in the e learning lms learning platforms.
You can easily integrate external media into the e learning lms learning platforms.

Integrate external media without problems

Links to videos and documents are displayed directly, cloud media can be edited collaboratively.

External content, e.g. from Coursera, teaching material publishers or OER resources, can be integrated with just a few mouse clicks.

Get to know more functions?

Click here to the CYPHER for academia product tour at CYPHER LEARNING. Happy Students is a certified reseller of CYPHER LEARNING.

Melanie W.
A learning platform, with an intuitive interface, which also remains mobile user friendly. The change from a long-established tool like Moodle is definitely worth it. Thank you Happy Students for the professional guidance, improvement ideas and support.

50 Capterra reviews
Kai A.
Kai A.
Exceptional platform. The Team @ Matrix go Above & Beyond Satisfied. ☺Visual Portal Editor & Access/Discount Codes. ☹Users once deactivated can't re-do the same course to refresh their knowledge without creating a new account/email.
Ranjana J.
Ranjana J.
Improve student experience Good. ☺Responsiveness, Pricing, Support Forum ☹Old user interface Inability to integrate different SSO capabilities e.g Login with Microsoft account (outlook.com)
Lai L.
Lai L.
Dynamism of Matrix ☺Matrix LMS is very user-friendly and has so many features that will allow an organization to maximize the benefits of self-directed learning. Although the platform allows for customization of reports, there are so many options that it is daunting. I wish there is a guide that will help the administrator department identify the data that matters.
Heather V.
Heather V.
Matrix LMS Review ☺Ability to Customise and Brand the platform. ☹Reporting, Initial Onboarding and ongoing support, Student enrolment into face-to-face workshops, Compatibility of SCORM files on all devices is poor, App is challenging to use, and does not have a smooth user experience.
Mark Anthony E.
Mark Anthony E.
Matrix LMS Great experience ☺This LMS provided us the opportunity to continue to provide learnings to our users ☹That there is a cycle that limits the number of days the learners can use the LMS.
Anita W.
Anita W.
Flexible learning portal with fast support We've streamlined our training offer since starting with Matrix LMS, and increased number of people attending our training by at least 200%. ☺It's our one stop store for managing training, whether it's online or in a classroom. Before using Matrix we spent a lot of time managing classroom training. Users can self enrol, we can manage waitlists and assessments can be uploaded for marking, providing an excellent audit trail. We can also manage multiple brands within the one portal, which is both a cost saving and saves on administration effort. ☹There was a hefty price rise about 2 years after we started using it. It's still reasonable value for money, but it left us in an awkward position if we didn't get approval for the extra funds, as we would have had to move learning portals again, which is a big effort. However, they did ease us into the change and we appreciate that enormously.
Laurie R.
Laurie R.
Drone Operations Review Overall and once set up, the Matrix solution will definitely take my business from a few students to 1000's of students, no real extra work will be my end, the platform is extremely stable, to date our students are increasing monthly and so far, no real concerning issues what soever. ☺1) Each school has its own fully self managed portal (organization) 2) Ability to have 2 parents to watch over students progress 3) Ability to have the "careers Adviser" at the school to watch over the students (Manager) 4) Ability of Instructors (school teachers) to have complete control over the courses 5) Competencies mapped back to ASQA (TGA) https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/AVI30419 requirements 6) Internal messaging system with students and teachers in a safe controlled environment 7) Ability of the instructor to enroll students in the next courses (unit of competency) 8) Benchmark answers when marking assessments ☹I actually found it quite simple, I do not really have anything negative to say, other than it took me time to learn the way Matrix makes things happen, which are all very intuitive
Dale C.
Dale C.
Matrix LMS for Online Learning Matrix LMS has been essential to our success as a business. The level of support has been exceptional. ☺The ease of setup, assessment task management and ongoing customer support are essential for our eLearning platform. Matrix LMS delivers all these features, ☹The level of reporting and compliance management could be improved. I have specific needs and have to adapt the reporting platform.
Cristian N.
Cristian N.
An excellent portal for LMS and more recently an LXP solution at the same price. It is the only platform on which I found all the functionalities I need as a trainer. From the beginning it seems a bit complicated to understand the whole architecture of the portal, later it was easy for me to build interactive, adaptive and personalized courses. 1. diversity of training solutions that can be used. 2. the portal has only fallen once in 9 years of daily use. 3. integration of dozens of ad-ons that really help the training process. 1. the fact that it does not integrate a SCORM export solution. 2. extremely slow, limited customer service. They offer only laconic answers and are not focused on solving the problems faced by the administrator. Sometimes the distance between answers is 5-7 hours, even if they are in the US time zone. This is extremely frustrating. 3. participants must pay monthly to access the platform, even after completing the course. At the beginning, the participants could check their account and diplomas without paying and only paid if they entered the course. Now they have no access to anything unless they pay.
Justin H.
Justin H.
Matrix LMS ☺Matrix LMS is a great entry into corporate learning platform approaches. For the type of LMS, there truly are a great variety of features. Automation also played a major role in our consideration of this product. ☹Had some difficulty in setting this up as there was a lack of documentation (the support forum seemed to be a good source of insight, however).

The implementation of CYPHER for academia with Happy Students opens up many advantages



Thanks to our software selection, we will find the right solution for you.


Easy to use for all

With our tools, even inexperienced users can create exciting mobile learning experiences.


Interaction & Gamification

Learning has gone mobile and can be just as engaging as other apps through game-like elements.


Cloud hosting included

They save costs because they do not need their own servers or specialist staff for maintenance.


100% Privacy

Data protection is not an unloved niche topic for us. Our systems and cloud servers are DSGVO-compliant.


Perfectly scalable

Start with a pilot, gain experience, and multiply recipes for success across the school.

Frequently asked questions


How do you introduce a learning platform?

Usually in several stages. The question "what should and could be achieved with the new system?" is asked at the beginning.

Subsequently, we will shed light on the educational offering, and how it can and should be digitally expanded? Finally, how does the new system fit with the digital competencies of the users and the existing system landscape?

From this we derive the components of the implementation:

  • System configuration
  • Model courses as a template
  • Trainings for users
  • Scope of the Service Package
  • Development planning

What are the benefits of a learning platform for school administrators?

School administrators can reduce copying and media costs, simplify administrative processes, and make important data such as grades or absences available to learners electronically.

The structured design of a learning platform simplifies quality assurance, ensures up-to-date teaching content and enables synergies to be exploited within the school and other institutes.

What are the advantages for teachers?

Teachers can easily create multimedia learning content and send it to their classes. Assessing the results of tasks, self-tests and even exams is easier; grading keys and assessment grids can be stored and conveniently applied.

A learning platform is the ideal place to prepare for and follow up on face-to-face lessons. In online lessons, a learning environment reduces the workload because the teacher can use it to release interactive learning content and thus better rhythmize the lessons in front of the camera.
Professional learning platforms enable digital didactic enrichment with tools such as group workspaces, forums, libraries, and ePortfolios. Teachers can also exchange information with related user groups such as subject teachers or parents via the platform.

How do learners benefit?

Learners work in an engaging learning environment that also works perfectly on their favorite medium - the smartphone - thus increasing their motivation to learn. They can work through the material at their own pace and even deepen it independently as needed. By means of self-tests, learners assess their own progress ever more reliably and thus take responsibility for their own learning success.

The collaboration and communication possibilities of a modern learning environment also train digital skills that are required in the professional world.

How do CYPHER for business and CYPHER for academia differ from Moodle or OpenOlat?

Moodle or Openolat are open source software that are developed by the community free of charge. Their maintenance can be costly and often requires internal IT resources. These software architectures are developed iteratively, often resulting in a suboptimal user experience.

CYPHER for business and CYPHER for academia are so-called software as a service products, they are always up to date and often anticipate the needs of their users. Thanks to dedicated development teams, attention is constantly paid to the most modern user experience and powerful data structure. This gives users access to an extensive catalog of functions that will also meet their growing expectations.

Read our blog article here for more detailed info

What benefits do education providers gain from a modern learning environment?

In this way, education providers are also positioning themselves in the digital education space, which has become enormously important in recent months. Whereas in the 'real' world, central location and attractive spaces are key to a school's success, in the digital learning space it's positive user experiences, mobile-friendliness and ease of use.

An ILP (Intelligent Learning Platform) forms the digital backbone of a modern school and thus the basis for the further development of course offerings revolving around blended and micro-learning as well as location-independent learning. At the same time, schools are gearing up for new tasks such as digital learning content creation or digital skills tracking. Modern learning platforms offer eCommerce so that courses, learning content, and learning paths can be offered and promoted via digital marketing.


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