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The name says it all - we all want happy learners. But actually we should be called 'Happy Teachers' - because we inspire them to use digital media. Interdisciplinarity is important to us - because we create compelling learning environments and applications from collaboration that bring all types of users on board.

Roger Hubmann, Founder

I have always been fascinated by the dynamics, success factors and systems of the digital world of education and business. When applying them, I like to think in an interdisciplinary, agile and unconventional way. It is obvious that the world of education is facing similar digital upheavals to those that other industries have already 'suffered'. The consequences are comparable: customers' expectations of the digital learning experience are rising, new forms of distribution are popping up and only those who innovate rather than replicate thanks to digital opportunities will create long-term differentiation.
My background is in the digital economy. I started out as a teenager with a Commodore C64, and that's how I pioneered these professional topics. I also work as a lecturer in adult education and in the design of learning opportunities.

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Roger Hubmann - Happy Students

Phillip Rosen

I am a multicultural and experienced business development and management professional specializing in SaaS operations and sales, including event management. I am motivated by achieving results, both as part of the global team and as an individual. Maximizing revenue and profitability, while aligning with HR, production, marketing and finance drives me. International experience with start-ups and scale-ups, where I have built both the business and the teams from the ground up, provides the right foundation.
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Michelle Bass - Happy Students

Michelle Bass

I've been enthusiastic about technology and the digital world for almost 10 years now, as well as the opportunities it opens up for schools and learning. With my Master's degree in Media and Computer Science at the PH Schwyz, I'm up to date when it comes to digital teaching and learning.
I'm also excited about the direction in which schools are developing, and my work as a Digital Learning & Content Specialist at Happy Students puts me right at the forefront.

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Tristan Schirmer

I've always been fascinated by the digital world - that's why I decided to learn the profession of mediamatician. I'm now in my second year and am constantly learning new things. I am impressed by the many possibilities that artificial intelligence and digital learning content offer and how they can help many people in their working lives and in education to deal with changing challenges. I think Happy Students is the right place for me to develop my interests and skills.

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Michelle Bass - Happy Students

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